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We Invented A New Form of Crowdfunding Called "Customer Crowdfunding." It's the easiest way there is to get free money for your eCommerce site and grow it "cost free."

Customer Crowdfunding allows Crowdfunders to buy their own Google advertising campaign and direct it toward your site in exchange for a (min. 10%) percentage of revenue from the customers that they bring in. Aside from the free customers that get brought in for you, you can also keep 20% of the crowdfunding in cash.

Our system automatically creates an initial Google Ads campaign using the product categories that you enter (here at registration) as the initial keywords of the campaign, and after signup you can modify the campaign as you please in your Admin Panel. You can add Ad Groups, Keywords, Bids, Ads, and Country Targeting, basically a full google campaign.

The Way It Works

You choose what percentage of sales revenue that you wish to share with crowdfunders, much like an affiliate program. The higher the percentage shared with crowdfunders makes your site more attractive to crowdfunders.

Your site will be displayed in the Crowdfunder Menu and show crowdfunders your chosen revenue share percentage along with several other pieces of data about your eCommerce site, such as when it was established and your average product price, allowing crowdfunders to make an informed decision about which sites they wish to add to their portfolio.

Once a crowdfunder crowdfunds into your site, that money activates the Google Ads campaign on Google Search, and you can also keep 20% in cash (if that is your selection). When it brings in paying customers, you get paid as usual on your site, and a share goes to the crowdfunder via an invoice that we send you via email. The minimum you can set as the Crowdfunder's share is 10%

Note: Customers that you signup yourself (on your own) will not have our tracking tag that comes from our google ads system, so they will not show in your Go Fish Admin Panel, and you will not get charged a revenue share when they make a purchase. Also, you never have to pay the crowdfunding amount back from crowdfunders, and, again, you only share your revenue when a sale is made by one of the customers that was brought in by one of your crowdfunders

Important Note: Our system currently allows only works with WooCommerce enabled sites via our plugin that you will download after singing up; more integrations coming soon.

No Worries Signing Up Crowdfunders!
What a breath of fresh air this is? In "all" other crowdfunding systems the main problem is finding crowdfuinders. Well, because our system is setup so that the crowdfudner gets a return much faster than normal (years faster) that is just one reason why crowdfudnders are much more happy to jump onto Go Fish Crowdfunding, but other than that, we provide this "amazing" crowdfunder acquisition tool to automatically help you acquire crowdfunders bunch after bunch.

It works because our whole system is directly tied with Google. As such, we have a system that automatically uses best practices and best experience of what keywords to use, ads to use, ect, to automatically advertise to acquire crowdfudners for you. Once they signup, they are forced to crowdfund your website first, before they can crowdfund any other website on our platform. Alternatively, if you wish to advertise your url on your own or have friends & family that you want to crowdfund your site, your custom signup url will be listed in your admin panel and you can try it for yourself. 

Merchant Admin Panel

Select Monthly Subscription Level. Upgrade or Downgrade At Any Time.

  • Free
  • Free Monthly
  • Added To The Crowdfunder Menu
  • Access & Change Your Google Campaign
  • Advanced
  • $49 /Month
  • Added To The Crowdfunder Menu
  • Access & Change Your Google Campaign
  • + Keep 20% Of The Crowdfunding In Cash
  • Premium
  • $99 /Month
  • Added To The Crowdfunder Menu
  • Access & Change Your Google Campaign
  • Keep 20% Of The Crowdfunding In Cash
  • + Dedicated Account Help & Support Agent
  • + Featured Above The CF Menu & All CF Emails

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